Cha-Ching !!!! Welcome to the CASH Vault !!
This is where the Goodies are!! Grab all you can carry!!
Here are the links to some great pages, programs, and some other
assorted stuff that I really didn't know what else to do with...
...: )
Take what you want. And uh, don't bother locking up when you leave!


Pages at that are sometimes kinda hard to find Browse the Keyword Map of
Buck's Poetry Musings of my own sublime rhyme time whines...
Buck's Scuba Page I like to dive.
Buck's Genealogy I am the spawn of intelligent hillbillies from Scotland...
Granny's Page A tribute to Granny for her birthday in 2002.
Happy Holidays 2002 Christmas pics with the relatives in 2002
The Search Engine Find what you're looking for on
Opinions Opinions on politics and religion
Scanner Review An old scanner review I did to kick HP's butt.
My Machine What is the computer I built and run made of?
Buck's Cancer Journal My weekly update on my life with cancer. A web site I started for tumor humor.
Buck's Toon-In My web cam page.
Buck's GIFs A collections of icons and animated gifs to use.


Wall O' Links More links here than you can imagine!!
StickDeath !! Funny animated cartoons, but not for everyone!
Joe Cartoon Frog in a blender, anyone?  WAY Funny !!!
The Perfect High Go here to find the most perfect high!!
What's Going On? Find the weirdest events in the world...
Roberto Quaglia's Bookmarks A HUGE list of links for deep thinkers...
Smithsonian Photographic Great photos from the Smithsonian
TRUE Sex Fact Cartoon Encyclopedia Despite the name, it's SAFE for the kiddies !!
The Darwin Awards Those who removed themselves from the gene
pool in the most spectacular fashion !!
Rodney Dangerfield's Page I tell ya, I don't get no respect...
Terraserver Find a satellite picture of your house!
Rand McNally Get a map, plan a trip, etc...
Acid Trip WAY COOL Psychedeliscope !! Trivia, trivia & more trivia !!


Computer Stuff
Dive Shack Main Page Animated Gif's, Backgrounds, Avi's, Programs, Utilities
Progressive Networks The home of RealAudio & RealVideo - FREE !!
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. Great Shareware Programs for graphics manipulation
Cerious Software Totally Awesome ThumbsPlus - Get This shareware !!!
Maximum PC Magazine Formerly BOOT, it's hard to find a better PC mag
Oops! Software Image Sorting Shareware
ACD Systems Ltd "ACD See" - A Fantastic Image Viewer!!
Computer Virus Myths Find out what's REAL and what's NOT !! The Internet's Premier Windows95 Site !!
Don's Premier Freeware Primo Freeware Finds on the net.
Freeware Home Free, FREE, FREE Programs & apps!!
Tucows The world's #1 internet software site. Shareware !!
Jumbo Over 300,000 Shareware And Freeware Programs !!
Analog X Audio programs, etc...
#Fun_Wavs! Over 15,000 hysterical WAVS!
Michael's Home Turf PowWow and WAVs
Wav Central  The Wav Sounds Source
More wavs Wavs, wavs and more wavs This is who hosts my site.


And now... The News and Weather
CNN Interactive THIS is CNN !!
Detroit News Home News where I was born & raised
Excite Dot Com My custom news interests
News Of The Weird Goofy, bizarre news stories
Buck's TV Grid What's on TV in Grand Rapids, MI ?
Intellicast Weather Reports for EVERYWHERE
The Weather Channel Accurate and dependable... Hmmm...