Where was God on 9-11?

Lots of people are asking, and that got me thinking...
Well, you know what happens then...

See the Flash animation of this cartoon HERE

Amidst the sounds of city traffic and the hubbub of
People with real lives going about their business...

Suddenly, screams of terror mingled with low flying passenger
jets and exploding buildings wake the vagrant from his stupor.

"What the...???"

"It's the World Trade Center!  And it's on fire!!"

"My powers of omniscience tell me the buildings are going to collapse
with all those innocent people in them!!  I've got to do something!!"

"This looks like a job for..." 


"There's no time to lose!!"

Fearlessly, J.C. flies straight through the hole left by the kamikaze
plane flown by the religious young men who died worshipping their
god, earning a ticket straight to heaven and the waiting arms of
70, (count 'em - SEVENTY!!) virgins.

Amidst the intense fireball where hundreds scream in terror and
anguish, J.C. braces valiantly against a huge support beam.
"Got... to... hold...  ON!!!"

Suddenly, the beams give way and the building begins to collapse
 around him.  Hundreds of people nearby shriek in terror at their
pending doom, crying out, "SAVE ME JESUS!!  SAVE ME!!!"
"Must... stay... focused!!!!"

Building, concrete, girders and beams all fall in a torrent while
the people fall with it all, screaming out their last desperate pleas.
Showing no fear or concern for his own safety (immortality will
do that for ya...) J.C. holds on with every bit of strength.
"Here we goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"

As the intensity of the climactic moment builds, our view is
obscured by literally tons of dust and debris...  Did he make it???

YES!!!  Jesus SAVES!!!
~~~a cross-section of 2 beams~~~
Out of literally 10's of thousands of such
configurations in the 2 buildings that look like a cross,
THIS ONE apparently was saved by God hisself,
if what the Christians are saying is really true.
Meanwhile, nearly 3000 people died.
Way to go, Jesus.  Really.  Outstanding.

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