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Welcome to my Home Recording Page !!
Hear my music with RealAudio !!
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I've started my own album of music
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BOLD!! Step out of the mainstream
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different for a change!!
Be careful though... You might even LIKE IT !!

Me and my Washburn

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Poetry and music are my hobby... All home made.
I don't have anything against covers, I even do a few here and there,
But it's more fun to write it, play it, record it, mix it and distribute it myself.

First, I write the lyrics and music with pen and paper or with a portable tape recorder while I'm driving.
Then I....

Compose a drum track on my
Drum Machine
Yamaha RY-10 Drum Machine
Work on the guitar parts on my
Washburn Guitar
Washburn D10 EB
And on my
Fender Strat
'62 Re-issue
Fender Stratocaster
I record the vocals and some
guitar parts with my
Rode NT-1 Mic
Rode NT-1
Large Condensor Mic
Other Guitar parts go thru my
Line 6 POD
Line 6 POD
Some musical parts like bass
are done on my
MIDI Composer
QuickShot QS-5836
MIDI Composer
Or thru my
Dean Markley Pick up
Dean Markley SC-1 ProMag Pick Up
I mix thru my
mackie 1202 VLZ
Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer
I upload thru my

SoundBlaster Audigy card
But I will soon use the
Event Gina sound card
Event Gina Card
To get into my

Go see my MONSTER's page !!

Computer with 640 Gigs of
Hard Drive, 2 Gigs of
400MHz DDR SDRAM on a
P4 3 GHz
with a 22" monitor
I sequence and edit the sound with software programs like

Cool Edit
Gold Wave
and a few more I'm trying like
SEK'D's software
SoundForge ACID
and a few others
I monitor the mix with my
Event 20/20bas Monitors
Event 20/20 BAS Monitors
And my
Sony Studio Headphones
Sony headphones
I mix down to my hard drives,
then burn to CDs on my...

Plextor 12/10/32
And now I'm working with DVD's,
burning them on my...

Plextor 708UF DVD burner
I use a few other pedals and
gizmos, lots and lots of cables
and wires, Then I upload the
digital data files to this web
page for you to download
for free.

What a deal!!

Now... On with the Album!!!

At this time the album has 2 songs.
(Hey, ya gotta start somewhere!).

Track 1: Click to hear the song!!Click to read the words!! This one is in RealAudio format.( For now...)

Track 2: My newest song... just click This one is in MP3 format.

I recently found some old recordings I made before I had a 'studio'.
They were made with 1 or 2 simple cassette tape recorders.
I've tried to clean up the recordings the best I can, and here are two of them:

Track 3: Casey Love I wrote and recorded this in 1987 when my daughter was born.

Track 4: Jailhouse Blues.  The words to this song are HERE

Jammin' Left SpeakerI can't wait to get a CD burner!!!!Jammin' Right Speaker

You can send your praise, gripes and tips by E-MAIL
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email me with just a click of the button...

If you'd like to find out more about home recording, 4-track recording, digital recording, etc.,
try some of these links:

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EQ Mix
Not too much now !!
Not too much now !!
You should also check out the great newsgroup:
There are lots of posts there, but if you take the time to
read through them, you will have most if not all of your
questions answered. If you don't find the answer, then
go ahead and post your question. The folks there are
very knowledgeable, but like most NG's they don't
appreciate wasting bandwidth answering the same
newbie questions over and over again. So please
read before you post!
EQ Mix
Not too much now !!
Not too much now !!

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