Lying Loveless Kind
Buck Cash

All those nights that I listened,
To your whispering words,
And the lies that you told me,
You must have rehearsed,
'Cause you had me believing,
Love was pure, true and kind.
Now the truth can be told,
You're the lying, loveless kind.
You're the lying...

Does your husband believe,
When he goes off to work,
That you're sittin' home all alone?
Or that you're playing in the dirt?
Does he come home and find you,
Taking long bubble baths?
Are you trying to wash off,
All the love lies you told some man?
All the love lies...

You're a beautiful woman,
And you use it so well.
First you took me to heaven,
Then you sent me to Hell.
As we layed there together,
All your loving made me blind.
There was no way to know,
You're the lying, loveless kind.
You're the lying...

Lying, oh yeah.
Lying, lying, lying.


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