everybody !!



I'm pretty normal, but don't tell anyone.

This is my web page
(like you couldn't figure that out on your own...)


I'm also into freestyle biking.  In the pic to the left I'm doing a "no-footed kan-kan".  I don't know who came up with these names, but it's a lot of fun to do !!

The pic on the left shows my old bike.  It was a Mongoose Fuz.  It was OK, but my NEW bike is AWESOME !!

It's a DK 6-Pack.  It has a 3 piece crank, it's all sealed, has Sun rims and a Casket head set.  It's dark green and blurry 'cause I ride it so fast !!

It's a blast on ramps too !!

As you can see, I'm into physical activities that use my muscles.  I enjoy being fit and I'm pretty strong and agile for my age, people say.

Some of my favorite things are:

Bands: System of a down, Korn, Godsmack

Color: Blue

Songs: MR. Jack, Sugar, A.D.D.

Biker: Ruben Alcantara

Amusement Park: Busch Gardens, FL

Movies: The Matrix, Payback, and anything with Adam Sandler !!

Actor: Adam Sandler


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CYA !!