Granny's Birthday, 2002

     Granny's birthday is March 2nd.  She was born in 1921, which makes her 81 this year.  We had a party for her on the 3rd.

     Here are some pics of Granny.  Just click on the pic to see it full size.
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Granny's Birth Certificate. Granny's mother and brothers, taken some time in the 1920's. Granny some time in the 1950's at Christmas. 1960 - Granny is just above the naked kid (Buck) in the pool. Here's Granny, Megan and Ander.  I'm not sure what year.
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Granny and Pari in May of 1999. Granny and Richard on Christmas Day in 1999.


Granny at Christmas in 2001 at Pari's house. Another pic of Granny at Pari's, Christmas, 2001. Granny and Ander at Granny's 81st birthday party in 2002.

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Granny and Buck
at the party pose
for a pic together.
Paul, Trudy, Buck Wilder, Don, Granny & Paulette do the pic thing. Here's Granny with her cake, having a good time at the party. Granny and Wilder at the party, yukking it up for the camera. Don, Granny and
Buck at the party.

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Ami & Karen at the party ready some cake. Granny looks like she's ribbing Don about something while Trudy looks on. Trudy gives Granny bunny ears while Granny points something out to someone. Granny decides to have a little more coffee - decaf. Don watches as Granny enjoys her cake.

Besides Granny being born, what else was going on in 1921?

     On March 2nd of 1921, the day Granny was born, Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States.  Two days later, Warren G. Harding was sworn in as the 29th President but died in office in 1923 and his Vice President, Calvin Coolidge took over.  Former president William Howard Taft was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1921, and George Washington Carver presented his innovative ideas on agriculture to the House of Representatives.  

     For the first time in history, the U.S. restricted the flow of immigrants by not allowing more than three percent of each nationality already in the United States in 1921 to enter.  500 imported copies of James Joyce's "Ulysses" were seized by the U. S. Post Office as obscene material and burned, while the Ku Klux Klan did something really obscene, burning everything in sight in the South during a rampage lasting months and sparking riots.  One riot in Tulsa, OK left up to 3000 dead and more than a dozen churches, scores of businesses and thousands of homes burned to the ground.  

     West Virginia imposed the first state sales tax in 1921, Utah banned women’s skirts more than 3” above the ankle and the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the husband is master in the home.  Meanwhile, women made a statement by invading the Capital Building in Washington D.C. to clean off a dusty, hidden statue of suffragettes who'd led the fight for women's rights.  Sharpshooter Annie Oakley was permanently crippled in an auto accident and Mae West did ten days in jail in New York for appearing in a naughty play called "Sex" and complained that the prison underwear was too fuzzy.  

     In 1921, Adolf Hitler was elected President of the National Socialist German Workers' Party and Benito Mussolini declared himself leader of the National Fascist party in Italy.  Sweden abolished capital punishment and Mongolia gained independence from China.

     Also during Granny's birth year of 1921, The Detroit News was granted a radio broadcasting license with the call letters: WWJ.  Radio was a fairly new invention in 1921, and WWJ is credited as being quite possibly the very first commercial broadcasting station ever in existence.

A 1921 Crystal Headset Radio by Western Electric

     Rudolph Valentino was featured in the silent smash hits, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and "The Sheik", making him a big movie star in 1921.  "Talking pictures" didn't come out till Granny was 7 years old, in 1928.  1921 also saw the first helicopter flight, the first time a heavyweight boxing match was aired on the radio, and the first time a "play by play" baseball game was heard over the airwaves.  Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis became the first Commissioner of Baseball that year and wasted no time in casting "eight men out."  The first boxing match to bring in over a million dollars was won by Jack Dempsey in defense of his heavyweight title against Carpentier that year and was also broadcast over the radio.

A 1921 Headline

     Others born in 1921 were Charles Bronson (Granny's favorite actor), Mario Lanza (Granny's favorite opera singer), Jane Russell (actress/sex symbol), Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek), Alex Haley (Roots), Donna Reed ("It's a Wonderful Life"), Nancy Reagan ("Just say no"), Jake LaMotta (boxer - Raging Bull) and John Glenn (first American to circle the Earth in a spacecraft).  Enrico Caruso died in Naples, Italy, and the first Miss America Beauty Pageant was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   The first stretch of the famous Autobahn was completed in Germany, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was established, with burial of the unknown soldier at Washington D.C.'s Arlington National Cemetery.  

     The biggest selling perfume in the history of the world, Chanel No. 5, was introduced on 5/5 in France, Pablo Picasso painted "Three Musicians", and Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of the photoelectric effect and his overall theoretical work and lectured in New York on his now famous Theory of Relativity.  Woodrow Wilson won a Nobel Peace Prize, the dial telephone and polygraph machines were invented, and the first coast to coast telephone call was placed.  

     The father of modern rocketry, Robert Goddard, was scoffed at by much of the scientific community that year for thinking that rockets would actually work in the vacuum of space and get to the moon; something he proposed to be feasible.  The New York Times in 1921 printed an editorial saying Goddard didn't have the scientific knowledge of an average school child.   Goddard proved his detractors wrong on the vacuum count by testing one in an actual vacuum - it worked.  Then in 1926 he managed to get one of his rockets off the ground, a historical feat comparable to the Wright Brothers' first flight.  And in 1969 his little idea and experiments finally paid off by putting a man on the moon.

     The word "ROBOT" was popularized by a Czech playwright about machines that could do human labor, and Vitamins E and D were discovered.  A Tuberculosis vaccine was introduced, Franklin Delano Roosevelt got polio, and a team of Canadian doctors that year were the first to extract insulin from human pancreas as potential diabetes treatment.  A year later the researchers first administered insulin to human patients.  

     In 1921, the world was introduced to Betty Crocker, Eskimo Pies, Land O' Lakes Butter, Mounds, Baby Ruth and Oh Henry! candy bars, the world's first hamburger chain - White Castles, Wrigley's Gum, hybrid corn, and the first of 100 Billion Band-Aids to date.  Thompson invented the submachine gun, the BBC was founded, and 1921 was the first time anyone ever heard the words, "I'd walk a mile for a Camel."  

     The average working day was 12 to 14 hours long, income was $2,134 per year, a car cost $420, a house cost $7,019, bread was 10 cents a loaf, gas was 11 cents a gallon, a postage stamp was 2 cents, and milk was 58 cents.  People danced to "I'm Just Wild about Harry" and "Ain't We Got Fun".  Babe Ruth smacked 59 homers that year, the NY Giants beat the NY Yankees 5-3 in the World Series and Ottawa took the Stanley Cup in a game against Vancouver, 3-2.

     All in all, it was quite a year in history and just the beginning of the "Roaring 20's."  But the most important thing is that our Granny was born that year.  If not for that historic event, we wouldn't even be here to care at all about any of the other stuff!! 

Happy Birthday Granny!!!