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Buck Richard Cash
born 5-5-59 in Trenton, MI
daughter Casey Pauline Cash born 7-11-87
Richard Charles Cash
born 2-21-41 at home in river rouge, MI
Children: Buck, Candace, Trudy, with first wife Patricia Keller
Mary with Mary McCabe
2nd wife Paulette
Patricia Jean Keller
Buck Sam Cash
born 10-25-1907 in MO.
died Feb 1974
1st wife: Mabel Underwood.
children: Fred and Marilee
Buck became a widower and Marilee died young.
2nd wife: Dorothy G. Sablosky
children: Richard born 2-21-41 and Donald born 1-31-46
adopted Dorothy's daughter, Trudy
Dorothy Gertrude Sablosky
born 3-2-21 on James Street in river rouge, MI
Daughter Trudy
John Keller
Born 4-19-1893 in Petosky, MI
Died 1-9-1982 in Cross Village, Emmett County, MI
Married 2-13-1922 to Lois Rosalia Goodrich
Lois Rosalia Goodrich
Born 7-23-1904 in Alanson, MI
Died July 10, 1969 in Cross Village, MI
George William Cash
born Sept 1874
married 8-22-1903
died 1964
George Wm. Jr,
Alice Tlytha,
Sam "Buck", John Roland,
Lavada or Laura Berdella, Myrtle Christina,
Maudie Melessa, Wm. Charles,
Virginia Elizabeth
Clara Etta Belcher
born 7-28-1881
died ?
buried at Herculaneum
Harry Sablosky
born 5-13-1881 in Johnstown, PA
Johanna Poehner
born 8-19-1888 in Johnstown, PA
John "Jack" Keller
Born 7-14-1870 in Coldwater, MI
Died 11-19-1941 in Cross Village, MI
Francis Berdeski
Born October 1869 in Poland
Died 6-20-1935 in Cross Village, MI
George Grant Goodrich
Born 8-5-1855 in Ohio
Died 4-20-1933 in Alanson, MI
Rosalia Smith
Born 2-5-1871 in Kent County, MI
Died 1-2-1953 in Cross Village, MI
John B. Cash
born 12-22-1842 in Wash. Co., MO. married 7-13-1873 died 5-20-1920
George Wm,
John James,
Albert Richard,
Oliver Isom,
Nancy Gertrude,
Alice Lavada,
Susie Jane (Ruth),
Francis Tyltha,
Mary Belle
Tyltha Matilda Soward born 9-18-1856
died 12-16-1919
half indian ?
SEEKING SEEKING Edward(?) Sablosky
German/Pole descent
George Poehner
born in Germany?
born in Germany?
Born 11-3-1842
4-6-1910 of Bright's Disease
Julia M. Palmer
William Cash born in 1810 TN. married in late 1820's migrated to MO via IL
lived in Wash. Co., MO. Harmony Township
John B.,
George B.

Mary "Polly" Petty James Soward Emeline Cash
sister to John B. Cash (Tyltha's stepmother?)
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Here's some more info on the folks above, like brothers and sisters, etc...

I'll start with John B. Cash s/o Wm. & Mary "Petty" Cash.  John B. Cash was born 22 Dec. l840 in Wash. Co.,Mo. and died 20 May l920.  l3 July l873 he was married to Tyltha Matilda Soward who was the dau. of James Soward and her death certificate says her mother was Emeline Cash (sister to John B.-we think this was probably her stepmother).  Tyltha had Indian blood-some say half.  Tlytha was born l8 Sept. l856 and died l6 Dec. l9l9.  John and Tlytha are buried in the Bonne Terre, Mo. city cem.  Children of John B. & Tlytha Cash are: George Wm. born l5 Sept. l874-l964 and he wed 22 Aug. l903 to Clara (I have her last name as Belcher). 2nd. child: John James born ll May l878-4 June l924 and he wed 23 July l903 to Daisy Cash (his lst. cousin). 3rd. child: Albert Richard born l Oct. l879-25 Aug. l923 and he wed 23 Oct. l9l5 to Mrs. Eliza L. Reeves (Albert R. was killed in a hunting acc.). 4th. child: Oliver Isom was born l9 Jan. l882-4 Aug. l955 and he wed #1 l8 July l905 to Lillie E. Soward-#2 26 Aug. l920 to Nora Bess. 5th. child: Nancy Gertrude was born 24 Feb. l884-l3 Mar. l925 and wed 26 Oct. l90l to Neal Deweese.6th. child: Alice Lavada was born l3 June l886-4 Mar. l888. 7th. child: Susie Jane (Ruth) born 8 May l880-l4 June l933 and wed #1 Jacob H. Slovinsky-second unknown. 8th. child: Francis Tyltha born l8 Feb. l892-l5 Sep. l975 and wed 26 Apr. l9ll to Jacob J. Hammack. 9th. child: Mary Belle born l5 Julyl894-28 Oct. l968 and wed l5 Mar. l9l4 to Kenneth Cunningham.     The second child: John James is my grandfather.            
2nd page:
George Wm. Cash and Clara Etta Belcher (born 28 July l88l-no death date but was told she is buried at Herculaneum) had the following children: George Wm. Jr. born 27 May l904-Sept. l955 wed Ruby Tabor. 2nd. child: Alice Tlytha born 26 Aug. l906-(I have no death date) wed 28 Jan. l924 to John M. Farris. 3rd. child: Sam "Buck" was born 25 Oct. l907-(no death date) wed Mabel Underwood and Dorothy Berlsk. ( Ihave no marr. dates)4th. child: John Roland was born 4 Oct. l909 wed ll Oct. l930 to Sarah Irene Fortner. 6th. child: Lavada or Laura Berdella was born 5 Sept. l9ll (no more info. on her.) 7th. child: Myrtle Christina was born Dec. l9l3-24 July l987 wed Wm. Francis Greenlee. 8th. child: Maudie Melessa was born 3l Jan. l9l5 and wed Emmett Fortner. 9th. child: Wm. Charles was born 22 Oct. l9l7 wed 5 Oct. l939 to Dormalee Hart. l0th. child: Virginia Elizabeth was born 25 Aug. l923-June l938.

Still more info...

William Cash was born ca. l8l0 in Tenn. (parents unknown) he migrated to Mo. via Ill. He married sometime in the late l820's (state unknown) to Mary 'polly' Petty who was born ca. l8l2 in Tenn.  They had the following children:
l-Elizabeth born ca. l830 in Ill. who wed Wm. Wilkinson.
2-James born ca. l832
3-Mary born ca. l834
4-Emeline born ca. l836 and wed       ?      Soward
5-Minerva born Feb. l838-Oct. l938 wed l857 to Sylvester Jarvis
6-Martha Ann born Feb. l840-Dec. l905 wed l857 to John P. Wilkinson (bro. to Wm.)
7-John B. born Dec. l842-May l920 wed July l873 to Tlytha Matilda Soward
8-Isom Robert born Oct. l844-Apr. l9l4 wed Mar. l870 to Mrs. Sophia LeGrand Conway
9-Eliza    wed July l870 to Scott LeGrand (no other info.)
l0-*George B. born June l854-Dec. l930 wed #1 l875 to Judith E. Scott #2 Johanna Scott (sisters).

Wm. and Mary also raised a grandson-Robert (illeg. son of their dau. Mary) and in
one of the census' they had two more grandch. in their household: Wm. born ca. l862 and Amanda born ca. l868.  We have not determined who they belonged to.
Wm. and Mary lived in Washington Co., Mo.  Harmony Townshp.

If you can come up with any information or dates please let me know and I will pass it on.  There are several of us working on this and we still haven't found out
The parents of Wm. and Mary.  Maybe someday!!


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