So, what the heck is "Cancer Island", you ask?  Good question!

     Born 3-14-02, Cancer Island is a place for cancer patients to let their hair down, if they have any left after chemotherapy, of course!  It's a place to make fun of cancer; to laugh at the beast, to kick the monster, and to get away with it.  It's a place for cancer patients to smile, not frown; to laugh, not cry; to be in charge, not felt sorry for.  It's a place for cancer patients to be in command of the situation as they see fit for as long as they can see OR fit!

     I can hear you screaming now: "Why?!  Who the heck are you to make fun of cancer?!  Don't you know it's a dreadful disease that kills millions of nice people?! Don't you know how much they suffer from it before death?!   Don't you know that's nothing to make fun of?!  Don't you have ANY respect for these people and their feelings?!!"

     Yeah.  I know.  I got it.  Not the message, cancer.  Yeah, I've got cancer.  Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, to be exact.  There is no cure for my kind of cancer.  Get it?  However much time I have left will be time spent ENJOYING LIFE.  That includes laughter, jokes, cartoons, and the SMILING, LAUGHING company of my family and friends.

     To that end, I went searching the net for cancer jokes, cartoons and funny stories, looking for the little things that would brighten a bleak picture.  You know what I found?  Almost nothing.  And what I DID find just wasn't usually all that funny.  I found a gazillion serious sites about cancer, treatments, diets, news, drugs, disease and death.  Few jokes.  VERY few cartoons.  Dudsville.

     So I started to make some up myself.  Then I ran them past other cancer patients, caregivers and doctors.  Guess what happened?  They grinned, snickered and busted out laughing!  They made copies, they pinned them up, they passed them around.  They wanted them on greeting cards, for crying out loud!

     It put some much-needed smiles on their faces.  That made me feel even better than the jokes and cartoons I was making, and I knew I had to share this with more of my fellow cancer patients.  And that's WHY this site exists;  Because cancer patients NEED to smile and laugh as much as anyone else - maybe more, and I found I'm not alone in being able to laugh at the monster that's threatening me, or the circumstances that surround it all.

     If you don't like it, it's probably because you don't get it.  And if you don't get it, it's probably because you don't got it - cancer, that is.  If Cancer Island or cancer jokes offend you, you've basically got 2 choices here:

  1. See ya! (highly recommended)

  2. Hit me with hate mail.  (Caution: Your email may turn into a laughing matter on this site!
                                                      AND choice #1 is still highly recommended!)

     Either way, I think you should try to lighten up a bit.  Go hug a cancer patient, tell them a good joke and see what happens.


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