Life With NHL

How I found out
I have cancer

Back to Detroit

More hospital

Home again

2nd Rituxan


Rituxan # 3

Rituxan # 4

Phantom Menace

If the shoe fits...

Holiday Cheer !


The Clot !

Chemo Man

Hot Wheels

Toe Jam

Clot, Part Deux !

Two Cops

Meow !

'Nudder COP

Fun with SPAM

Tooning Up

COP Four

A New Baby !

Cinco de COP

Doing Great !

Final Chemo

Cinco de Mayo

Bone Relay





Just a Cat

Clean Bill

Remission Sucks

Remission Rocks!

Full of LIFE!

Here it comes?

False Alarm

2 Years

Check Please

The Party's Over

Nuke Me!

Rituxan Shock


Round Two

Going, going...


Round 3


The CAT says...

PET Detective

Rituxi-CHOP 4


Twice as Nice

Ganging Up

Hair I am

Adventure Man!


My life with NHL
(Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer)

Yep, you heard right.  But don't be down about it...

C'mon!!  I'm still me!!  Still Buckster!!

I'm doing just fine here, and loving life!

           You cannot control what happens to you; 
            You can only control your reaction to it.

After 60 updates over the past three years
to keep you informed about

What's Kickin' Chickin'?!!
It's all about to change...

The last entry in this journal is called "Blogster!"
and it tells how I'm moving this cancer update operation
over to a whole new format that will make things much
easier on me for posting updates; A new BLOG.

I'll keep this journal up at least until I get all the past entries
moved over to the new BLOG, so don't worry that it'll be gone
any minute, or anything like that. I'm in no flaming hurry to do
all the work it's gonna take to move them all over there! LOL!

Eventually though, you'll need this link
if you want to keep up with me, so be
sure to bookmark it into your favorites:

See you there!

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