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Hair I am 


     Hey there everyone! Long time no write, eh? Sorry about that, but you can probably guess why. I've been feeling great and out having FUN! You know what they say... Life is short. Play hard!

     I finally got around to visiting the Big Sur area of California, and what a beautiful area! It was absolutly breathtaking! I've got a few photos for you to check it out later in this update, but first let's get this medical stuff out of the way.

     The long and the short of it is, I'm feeling great and doing great! I went to see the doc a few days ago, and he says everything looks great. So, in a word: GREAT! And with the chemo over, my hair's growing back like crazy:

Yeah, I've been getting some sun...

    And really, that's about it for the med stuff. No news is good news. We'll do another cat scan and check up in about three months. Until then, I'm the West Coast Wild Man! Have camera, will hike!

    Casey's flying in this coming Saturday to spend the rest of the summer with me, and it's going to be a blast! I've got a road trip planned that would leave anyone breathless from the sights we'll see! I'll tell you all about it afterwards. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

     Well, I'd love to sit around and type, but there's a world out there waiting for me to get back to it, and I've got to get my bags packed. I'm headed to Orlando, Florida early in the morning. It's been years since I've been to one of my favorite fun spots: Universal Studios, and I can hardly wait to check out the new rides they've built since my last visit!

     See you next time, and here are some pics of the Big Sur area of California in the meantime. Click them to see the full size versions. Enjoy!

     Next: Adventure Man!