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Round 3

     February 27th, 2004.     

     Well, it's been almost a month since my last update.  Sorry about that, but all's well here, and I'll tell you all about it.

     I went to see the doc on February 11th for a regular checkup between chemo rounds #2 and #3.  I got my blood drawn and checked, which looked pretty good, and then the doc checked the size of the nodes under my jaw and had me do the breathing exercises while he listened with his stethoscope.  Nothing really new to report though.  He said he wants to have me get CAT scan after my third chemo treatment, and expects to see the mass in my abdomen has begun to shrink by then.

     My sister Candy flew in for a vacation, and we've been having a great time doing lots of San Francisco tourist type stuff.

     On the 25th, I got a Rituxan treatment.  This time Nurse Pam did it at the doctor's office, after much reassurance that there were no more scary reactions after the first she witnessed.  Mom and my sister Candy were both there, and though I slept through it mostly from the Benedryl, I'm pretty sure they all kept a close eye on me.

     Anyway, it all went fine and took maybe 5 hours from start to finish.  After that, we came home and I went back to bed to sleep off the rest of the Benedryl.

     The next day, on the 26th, I went in for chemo treatment #3, which should be half-way through this regimen for me, if all goes well.  It's got me feeling pretty nauseated, but nothing I can't handle as long as I don't move around too suddenly and take an anti-nausea pill here and there.  I don't have much of an appetite right now though while I'm feeling so queasy.

     I've got another appointment with the doc next Wednesday, on March 3rd.  I expect that he'll give me another checkup and set up the CAT scan appointment and my next Rituxan / Chemo round.  I'll put up the dates here in the journal.

     So far, so good here.  No complaints at all.  Just another day in paradise!

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