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False Alarm

     October 11th, 2003.     

     Over the few days I was looking for a local oncologist last month because of some flu-like symptoms that I felt coming on, I began to feel better and then got over it completely.  This indicates that my immune system is still working, which is great news.  I still need to find an oncologist around here, but I've just been so doggone busy, I just never seem to have the time.  I know that's a lame excuse, but there it is.  In any case, I feel great! didn't do very well.  I guess no one really wanted to participate in it.  I was hoping to get a lot of input and submissions of cancer toons and jokes, but it just never happened.  So, when it came time to renew the domain name for it, I didn't.  No sense throwing the money away for nothing.  I still maintain it as an extension of this site, but typing in "" doesn't work anymore.  Ah well...  If you have anything you'd like to contribute or submit, you can still go there by clicking the link at the top of this page and emailing it to me.  I'll be happy to add whatever you send.

     There's not much else to tell right now.  Things are going great for me!

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