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Here it comes?

     September 16th, 2003.

     It's been about four months since my last update.  In that time, I had a ball!  Casey came out to visit with me in the San Francisco area and we took in all the sights.  We rode the cable car, visited museums and famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, and had fun at a few amusement parks.  It was a great summer!

      I got my new digital camera, and took a lot of neat photos with it.  Casey was really happy to get my old one.

      It's now been 15 months since I went into remission.  The average remission time is 18 months, so I've been watching closely for any symptoms to return.

      Yesterday, I started to feel kinda sick, like I've got a flu coming on.  Maybe I can fight it off with some antibiotics, but somehow I doubt it.  Last time I felt like this, I was nearly dead within a month.  That was not quite two years ago.  Of course, that time, nobody knew what was going on with me or what I had, so they didn't know what to do to fight it right away.  This time it's different, since we know what to look for.

      I've a feeling that it's time to fight the monster again.  I'll be spending the next couple of days looking hard for an oncologist out here in the San Francisco area to get a good look at me and see what needs to be done.

      I'm hoping we can throw some drugs like Rituxan and chemo at it and clean me up again without losing more than an afternoon of work here and there.  I'll let you all know as soon as I find out more.

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