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     February 17th, 2003.

     Hi again everyone!

     Well, despite being kinda blue in my last update, it didn't last long (couple of days), and I was back to my old, upbeat self, and still am.  In some ways, remission does suck, as I outlined in my last update.  But you know what?  The alternative is way worse, so it wasn't long before I was looking on the positive side of life and cancer again - I'm alive and feel pretty good!

     I guess it's that whole "good days / bad days" thing we always hear about from folks with cancer.  Luckily, I'm not one to have very many "bad days", as you can probably tell from my earlier writings.  Here's hoping you don't have many of them either, whether you have cancer or not.  I still believe they are what we make of them.  Sometimes we just gotta try a little harder, I guess, but it's always worth the effort.

     I went to my scheduled doctor appointment and everything still looks good, so I got an "all clear to work" slip from my doctor and am making arrangements to get back even closer to the life I had before finding out I have cancer, by going back to work full time.  I'm really looking forward to the daily human interaction and sense of purpose full-time work bring.  Of course, I'm looking forward to a steady paycheck again too!

     No telling where I'll land (looks like Florida for now) and I'm sure I'll be bouncing around again from place to place, as is normal with the work I do.  But it'll be great to be out and about on my own again.  I'm making big plans to build a new computer, get a new digital camera, set up my recording studio and record a few more songs, and much more.  Of course, it'll take time to build up my finances enough to do all that, but you gotta set goals to achieve goals, so first things first.

     It's time to REALLY live my life again, and I can hardly wait!

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