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     December 15th, 2002.

     Howdy all!

     Sorry it's been so long!  I sort of forgot to update after seeing the doc a few days after my CAT scan, but everything's well.

     Basically, he gave me the exam like always and everything checked out okey dokey.  No problems at all, so I don't have to see him again until January for another regular checkup, unless something pops up.  But it's just a few weeks away from now and I feel fine, so I'm pretty sure it'll all go fine.

     I finally got around to seeing a dentist.  I got a thorough cleaning, 1 tooth pulled, 5 cavities fixed up and a new crown for my front tooth (the old one disintegrated after the chemo for some reason).

     Thanksgiving was great.  Casey and I went to visit relatives for the big feast.  Granny was there and she's looking in great health, which is always great to see.

     That's really about it.  Nothing much new here other than that.  I'll let you all know if anything changes.  For now, everything's great, so keep smiling!

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