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     October 29th, 2002.

     Hi friends!

     Yes, it's been a while, but not to worry, I'm still feeling fine.  Nothing really new has happened, so I haven't had anything to really update you all on, that's all.  Yesterday though, I got another CAT Scan, so I can tell you about that.

     It went pretty much the same as the others, but CIGNA (my insurance provider) made things a little weird again when their computers were down so the hospital couldn't confirm if I was insured or not.  They spent an hour trying to figure it out and eventually I had to walk to the other end of the hospital, sign a piece of paper saying that if it turns out I'm not really insured, I assume responsibility for the bill.  Duh.  So I sign the thing, get another piece of paper from them saying I signed it, take it back to the CT lab and they finally give me the green light.

     Once I got the green light to go ahead with the CAT Scan they gave me the first of two banana-flavored radio-active drinks to down over the next two hours while I sat there in the waiting room reading magazines that were as much as 3 years old (so it's not like they had any Earth-shattering news in them).

     Two hours later they ushered me into the lab area, stuck an IV in my arm and had me wait another 10 minutes or so while they did something behind the scenes.  From the chit-chat I overheard, it sounded like a break to me, but I'm probably wrong.

     Finally I was led into the scan area itself, laid on the imager's gurney, went though the "breath in" "hold your breath" "breath out" stuff while the machine hummed and so forth, finished up and exited the facility.

     Mom and I went to get something to eat then from the cafeteria, since I'd been fasting for the scan since the night before and was really hungry.

     I'll see the doc on Friday, November 1st, for a regular monitoring checkup and the results of the scan.  I'll put up another update then.

     Meanwhile, I've got no complaints, no pain, no problems, other than I feel tired all the time.

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