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          Thursday, 5-9-02.  Long time, no write, eh?  Well, a couple of weeks anyhow.

          Not much new on the cancer itself.  I feel great.  I've still got the bone marrow biopsy scheduled for May 22nd and the CAT scan on the 30th, so until then, I'm just kinda hanging tough.  We'll see what the doc says on June 6th: D-Day.

          My birthday was a few days ago, on May 5th.  It was a great day.  Casey was here to visit with me and we had a good time drawing cartoons and stuff.  We had my favorite cake (carrot), ice cream and a big steak dinner, thanks to my step-mom Paulette.

          I've been working on my cartoons a lot.  I took the wide format I like to work in and converted them to a standard cartoon panel square format with title headers and caption footers.  To do that I had to either crop some off the sides or add some to the top and/or bottom.  In most cases it meant re-positioning the characters and objects.  Right now I'm working on the black and white versions, which basically means converting them to a grayscale, adjusting brightness and contrast here and there, and adding lines around the objects to better define them.  Once I finish all that, I can start submitting them to various entities in hopes of getting them published and maybe even making a little cash.

          Speaking of cash, I finally got the confirmation letter from the State of Michigan on my disability claim: DENIED.  I wasn't really surprised or let down or anything.  Like I say, I feel great, at least for now.  A nice woman from the State told me on the phone that they rarely approve cancer cases for disability because the person generally isn't in bad shape for a whole year at a time.  So there are periods of time in a 12 month stretch when they CAN work.  The only thing that bugged me about it all is that I know they grant it to drug addicts and alcoholics.  Makes ya think, huh?

          I get my blood checked once a week still to monitor the Coumadin levels in it to fight the clot in my leg.  The doc adjusts the amount I take a little up or down each week based on the results, but not by much.

          Next week I'm going up to Northern Michigan to visit with my sister Candy and the rest of the clan up there.  She's involved with some sort of cancer benefit carnival type thing, which sounds like fun, so I'll be the family poster-child.  LOL!! 

          I got a new printer for printing out my toons today.  It's the Epson C80.  It's gotten pretty good reviews and the few prints I've done look great.  It's resolution is 2880 X 760, compared to my old HP printer's resolution of 300 X 300, so it was a pretty big improvement.

          I also got my new web cam last week and set it up.  So if you feel like tuning in sometime, you'll probably catch me working on my toons or something.  All you have to do is click right here--->Buck's Toon-In

          Well, I guess that about all the new stuff for the moment.  Catch ya next time!

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