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          Thursday, 4-18-02, a week before my 6th and final chemo treatment.  At least, until this bugger comes back, which won't be for lots of years (fingers crossed!)!!  

          I know it's been two weeks since my last update, but no news is good news in this case!  I feel great!  So if you were worried about what happened to me, calm down cause I'm doing terrific!!

          All I've been doing lately medically is going once a week to get my blood draws to monitor the Coumadin levels to fight the clot in my leg.  No aches, no pains, no problems to speak of at all, other than a slight limp, which is nothing.

          Mostly, I've been keeping busy making lots of toons.  Pretty much one every day or two.  You can see them all over on the Cancer Island web site in the "Toons" section.

          That's really about all there is to tell for now.  So, I'll be back after my final chemo treatment next week.  Till then, keep laughing!

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