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A New Baby !          

          Hi there!  Did you miss me?  I know I missed my regular update last week, but I've been really busy, yet had very little to tell you all about, so I thought I'd just save it for another week and give it to you all at once.

          Now then, where shall I start?  I guess I should give you the first thing I promised in the last update, which was pictures of the 1000 paper cranes.  It seems lots of you have always wanted to make a paper crane and didn't know how or just never realized you wanted to before!  I'm glad you're having fun with it!  I'm also so touched that a little girl named Mercedes has undertaken to make me 1000 paper cranes to make me well again!

          Thank you Mercedes!!
(and you must be making them really nice too... 'Cause it's working!)

          Anyway, here are the pics...  This first one's of the 3 cases that hold the 1000 cranes.

          And here are better views of the 3 individual cases of colorful cranes.  You can click on them to see the full size version.

pc01comp.jpg (53348 bytes) pc02comp.jpg (63619 bytes) pc03comp.jpg (52914 bytes)

          The next thing I think I'll tell you about is that I've now successfully weaned myself entirely from the Neurontins, and I have NO PAIN at all in my toes or anywhere else!  YAY!  The Neurontins were the last of the pain pills I was taking, so unless I get some other pain, I'm feeling tip-top!

           Well, as you can imagine, I've been very happy about all this.  My chemo's been progressing well, and I get #5 next week, the pain is gone (at least for now) and I feel really good overall.  I'm going to go into remission and beat this old devil and live a long and healthy life!  So, I've been making some more cartoons.  3 more cancer toons, and here they are: 

Ivy15_560_comp.jpg (136951 bytes)  newlump28_560_comp.jpg (109795 bytes)  portinstall21_560_comp.jpg (123907 bytes)

          I've had 2 more blood draws since my last update.  The results of the first showed that the Coumadin levels were a little low, so they had me take 7.5mg on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the regular 5mg the other days.  The second draw (today) produced a phone call that my INR is perfect this week, so I just have to take the regular 5mg each day till I go again next Wednesday.

          Now you've probably been wondering about the "New Baby" title of this update.  Well, it's tied into that "secret project" I told you about in the last update.  Are you ready?  Ok, ok!!  In my search for cancer humor and especially cartoons on the net, I've found very little.  Well, I'm the kind of guy that just can't leave well enough alone, so I decided the world needs another cancer humor web site, ala' Buck Cash.

          And that's my "New Baby"!  LOL!!  It's brand new, so there's not a lot of content there yet, but it'll grow.  And you can help.  Email me jokes and cartoons about cancer, doctors, patients, insurance companies and stuff like that, and they'll find a home at... 
                                                         (drum roll please...)

Cancer Island
( )

          I'll still be doing my weekly updates here, so you know where to find me.  But I needed someplace dedicated to nothing but humor that other patients and caregivers can access and call home, so that's why I created it.  I hope you like it, but I can take honest opinions, and if you're honest with me about it, it will only get better, so email with suggestions, criticisms and all that so I can make it the best it can be.

          Now, go have some FUN!! 

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