I Am Alone
Buck Cash

I am alone

What can I do?
Could this loneliness I feel get any deeper?
I’ve been here before...
Oh yes, all too often.
And always alone.

Bitterness, lost love,
To eat away at my soul;
To remind me of what used to be so easy.
Goodbye sweet passionate embrace,

Still I am teased,
At the prospect of finding you once again.
To hold you in my arms;
To hear your whispers of love.
But only enough to remind me.

I am the night;
Cold and dark.
I am the lost;
Wandering forever.
I am alone.

Oh, the promises you cannot keep!
I know you’d like to.
I can feel the passion,
Though it must remain behind your fears,
So strong and beautiful.

Could I pull you out?
And what then?
Only to lose you,
Or myself?
Or could I find us?

My dreams, my desires,
My soul I would wrap around you.
Would it warm you my love?
I can only guess.
Will I never know?


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